I am a seller on GEMM (Global Electronic Music Marketplace). When you make a sale, they take 13 percent commission, then they send you a check of what you sold.

They used to to this, but lately they have not paid me. According to research, they are doing this to many other sellers. I have made complaints to the Ca Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission. They owe my 37.82 from some sales.

They took their commission but have not paid me. This has been going on for over two months. They have been avoiding my communications.

They are taking their cut, but not sending the checks. Avoid this company!

Monetary Loss: $38.

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Los Angeles County, California, United States #1006066

I have been owed well over $100 for months now. I requested a check early this year and received an email stating it was being sent to me.

After 6 weeks and no check I contacted them again and was told there was a glitch in their system and that the checks were all being delayed for a few weeks but I should have the check in my hands within 6 weeks. 6 weeks later still no check and zero response to the dozens of emails I have sent to get an update. They also do not answer their phones and their answering service is always full. As I requested a check the money was taken out of my gemmpay account and now I cannot even use the funds they owe mke to at least be able to buy something else from any seller on gemm that still accepts gemm pay.

I have also requested numerous times during this past month for the money to be put back into my gemm pay account and to forget about sending me a check altogether (which, since they do not have the funds to issue any checks, one would think would be in Gemm's best interest as the non issued funds remain "in house" so to speak, but even asking for them to do this apparently is too much).

All to no avail as they have thus far neither re-deposited the money into my gemmpay account nor have they sent me a check for the funds owed. So you could say I have been screwed over twice by these thieves.


This sounds very much like my experience. Perhaps a class action lawsuit?


I am owed well over £100. Something should be done and now.

Being in UK doesn't help. Don't know what to do.


I have had the same problem. Sellers need to abandon Gemm. Let them go away if they aren't going to honor their agreement and send us our money!!

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